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Blue Dancer - Original Oil Painting


$ 5,500.00

For the person who appreciates beautiful art. This Original Oil Painting by Jacquline Berkley of a ballet dancer in warm hues with subtle pops of blues is spectacular!

We must assure you that the picture does not do it justice!

Dimensions: 60" x 36"


Jaqueline Berkley’s Biography:

Jackie Holland-Berkley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Art Education from the University of Southern Mississippi. She went on to teach art in the elementary school system before pursuing a full time career as an artist.

Holland-Berkley’s life has always been a journey filled with creating images. Whether she is developing concepts on paper, canvas, or metal plates, she strives to draw honest and intriguing lines, to investigate the beautiful, as well as the odd, and to illuminate the common. Holland-Berkley’s goal in creating her art is to convey a sense of mystery and awe. Her human forms, abstracted rather than literal, are placed in an environment of graphic symbols and universal patterns derived from primitive cultures.

“The energy and application of the surface is important as I build multiple layers of rich pigmented oil and I feel that it is important to be spontaneous and raw. I try to allow the images to reveal themselves to me as much as possible while I push to abstract line, color and form. In this way I feel that I am remaining truthful and honest to the artistic impulse and the process of painting always remains a joyful discovery each time I approach the canvas. I have drawn much influence from Diebenkorn, and the California abstract figurative painters and also many more primitive cultures. Still it would be hard to place this body of work in a clear category…perhaps Nouveau Figurative.”

When Mount Dora artist Jackie Holland Berkley needs inspiration, she gets in her car and takes a drive. She’s never sure if it’ll be a short or a long drive. She doesn’t have any particular destination in mind, and she’s not searching for a specific subject matter. Berkley just drives, letting her creative mind’s eye absorb what’s around her. And whenever something or someone does grab her attention, she doesn’t stop and take a picture or do a quick sketch. Instead, Berkley mentally stores it away, not just the image but, more importantly, the essence of it.

“My process is to work from memory,” says Berkley, a Jackson, Mississippi, native who drew as a child and was doing oil paintings by the time she was 13. “Since my work is impressionistic and abstract, I’m trying to capture an essence, not a literal image. Yes, I want to convey beauty, but more so honesty and truth. That’s what really connects with people.”

While Berkley strives for a simple message, there is nothing simplistic about her ever-evolving impressionistic paintings, complex pieces awash in vibrant colors, primal symbolism, and abstract composition. Whether it’s a hauntingly beautiful landscape or a gathering of ethereal human figures, Berkley’s work will make you stop and take notice. And sometimes, the response is surprising.

“I’ve had people look at one of my landscape paintings, then tell me they know that place and have even been there,” says Berkley. “But I tell them that isn’t possible because that place doesn’t exist.”

According to Mary Ann Cohen, the owner of Fort Lauderdale-based MAC Fine Art Gallery, Berkley’s work has another special quality that transcends its complexity.

“I first met Jackie more than 12 years ago at an outdoor art show in Atlanta,” says Cohen. “Her work was so stunning that it just drew me in and I’ve been associated with her ever since. Her work has been really well-received in my gallery. Over and over, people tell me that they find her work very soothing. There seems to be an inherent healing quality, a sense of well-being that people pick up on. I find that very interesting given her uncommon art form.”

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