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Here you can find a wide range of accessories, furniture, and lighting that we use on our projects that are available for you to shop for. For design inspiration, check out our past and current project portfolios here.

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Villa Décor and Design is a full service interior design studio in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida focusing on residential projects from renovations, new construction or customized projects. Hiring a design firm is one of most important decisions that you can make for your home, your family and your lifestyle. You and I live in a world that is filled with the chaos of too many options at our fingertips. Our team specializes in orchastrating all the complexities of the design of a home. From the overall asthestics, the design details, specifications of materials, finishes and the details that really make a difference. We don't do ordinary, we design spaces that come to life when you walk into them. Whether you are looking for a sense of timeless, classic chic, a coastal vibe or something more modern and sophisticated, we have got you covered. When working with us, our goal is for you to enjoy the experience!