Thinking About Changing the Look of Your Room?

Thinking About Changing the Look of Your Room?

Changing a room can be a scary proposition for so many people. Where do I start What should I keep or re-purpose? How much will it cost? All these questions and many more will swirl around your head when contemplating creating a new look for your room.  

A good place to start is with inspiration. Today more than ever we have so many tools at our fingertips to help us find the next new look for our room. I recommend Houzz and Pinterest where you can search by the specific design look or just browse for ideas. Both sites allow you to create a profile and save the pictures that inspire you for easy future reference.  

Once you have a feel for your new direction, take a look at what you have and decide which pieces fit with that direction. If you are ready to say goodbye to some items, I always recommend donating them to a good cause like The National Furniture Bank Association, Vietnam Veterans of America or your local thrift store. Next, think about where you are in your life and how you want your room to reflect it... for instance, do you like to change your style often or are you on a tight budget? If you are on a tight budget then check out more cost effective solutions like IKEA or Pottery Barn for your furnishing needs. If budget isn't an issue, then I highly recommend investing in quality furniture that will last. However buying quality doesn't have to break the bank! That's why I chose Lee Industries and Vanguard as my top furniture choices, due to the construction of their furniture, the many options in fabric and design as well as their guarantees.  

  • Mirrors can be used to open up a space.  
  • Table lamps are great for adding soft lighting which will make any room more inviting.  
  • Rugs can be added for additional texture and added softness.  
  • Changing fabric, pillows and wall colors can make a dramatic effect very economically.

By choosing neutral colors for your core pieces, you create a great base for adding pops of color with pillows or a touch of the latest trends, which will make your space timeless and easily transitional as the trends come and go.

Most importantly, the process should be fun! If you feel it's too over-whelming to tackle on your own, then hire someone to help get your on your feet. We would love, love, love to help you design your new space no matter where you are located. Just give us a shout!

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