Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

With the holidays quickly approaching, the preparations are in place for family and guests to arrive. In today's blog, we’re going to give you some tips for creating the perfect guest room.

First and foremost, you want to create a room that will be a retreat for your guests. The essentials are to invest in a comfortable mattress and pillows. There is nothing worse than traveling all day and getting ready to relax only to find that the mattress is old and uncomfortable. Pillows are always a personal choice so it would be nice to give your guests an additional option in the top of the closet. A down pillow set and a memory foam set are two good choices. The down pillows will be appealing to the guests that like more of a lightweight pillow, while the memory foam is a nice alternative for those who like a little firmer selection. You also want to invest in a nice set of sheets, and they will smell extra special if you use Le Blanc's linen wash, linen water and dryer sachets that are available in several fragrances, but we’re am obsessed with the Summer Verbena.

Now that we've got them all set for a comfortable sleep, let's discuss other essentials that will make your guest room extra special. Having nightstands on each side of the bed paired with pretty lamps creates a space to read and relax. A small tray with bottled water and a chocolate for turn down can also add a special touch. We also like to put fresh flowers on each of the nightstands. For an added aromatic touch, try just putting some rosemary in a vase. The rosemary smell is very aromatic and creates a very spa like feel.  

Some other tips that will make your guest room special are having a comfortable chair next to a window as a place to sit and relax. I like to add a basket of magazines or interesting books for inspiration. A nice throw to cozy up with will add to the calming aspect of your guest retreat.

If you have the space, a small desk and chair as a place they can set up a laptop and work if necessary is nice. Have them set to go with a pen, paper, access to your Wi-Fi and a multi-use charger. It is also nice if you have a place designated for your guest to place their suitcase. A luggage rack or small bench can easily be placed at the foot of the bed and not take up a lot of space.

Remember, less is more so try to eliminate the clutter and keep it simple. White is always fresh and pretty and you can add color through flowers and pillows. 

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