Creating A Beautifully Designed Home

Creating A Beautifully Designed Home

The thing as a designer that I see constantly now is clients who have spent so much time online searching Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram looking for the looks they love. However, a lot of the time, I see them very conflicted and going in so many different directions. Granted, I think creating boards with pictures of inspiration for different rooms can be a good exercise, I also feel it can cause the same discourse that I run into a lot of the time with clients. That discourse comes from going into multiple stores and buying things that they think they like only to find when they get it home that it doesn't go with anything. Doing this over and over creates rooms that are not pulled together rooms or homes where there is no overall vision and design.

As a designer, I love to get a feel of looks that my clients love and find out what specifically about those looks that inspires them. I also want to know how they use their home and more about their lifestyle so that I can create a space that will fit their needs from a functional standpoint. Side note.....I used to say it's all about the design, who cares about functionality. Well I've learned over the years that you can create both.


Most people want to walk in and be surrounded by beautiful things, but they also want to feel like they can live in it at the same time. I call it a ‘casual elegance’ that sets the stage for everyday living where you can come home and put your feet up, but it also can easily be converted into a space for entertaining.

I love creating the vision for my clients based upon the looks that inspire them while incorporating the functionality they need. As a designer, I also love thinking outside the box and my goal is to take my client somewhere they could never go on their own. Pushing them a little or sometimes a lot outside of their comfort zone, this is in my mind is what they pay me for and what creates an overall design that is unique. This requires a client to trust in knowing that I can visualize it all coming together and creating the end result that they desire. For me, watching all of this evolve is like opening presents on Christmas morning. All the months and months selecting and preparing every little detail for every space all coming together and being beyond what anyone could have imagined is what makes me love, love, love my job.





Apr 06, 2020


Apr 06, 2020



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